Corbet’s 2018 film is about more than just the rise and fall of celebrity

Vox Lux, a film directed by Brady Corbet starring Natalie Portman (Celeste), creates an uneasy feeling of deja-vu.

The film starts with a horrific mass school shooting, touches on the terror of 9/11, and concludes in the aftermath of a terrorist attack on a tourist beach.

By situating the action of the film around these events, Corbet has chosen to represent some of the key moments that make up the collective-movie reel of the last twenty years in America.

A Tableau of Life in the 21st Century

Labelled as a commentary on the pitfalls of celebrity, with a rating of 61% on rotten tomatoes, it seems as…

Nanda Jarosz

I am a PhD candidate researching culture and the environment.

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